hyde hollywood spa

Will definitely recommend this place to everyone. The management does not care of customer service. Me gusto mucho el area de la piscina la terraza que tienen la vista es espectacular, las habitaciones son amplias comodas limpias una atencion muy agradable de parte de juan sebastian dominguez gracias por todo hyde recomendado, I take the best decision ever whit this hotel because is the best place great pool and the view is amazing, the costumer service is perfect Juan Sebastian Dominguez is a amazing guy thanks for all hyde resort, (Translated by Google) Hyde resort has an excellent pool with an unbeatable view, a spectacular environment with good music good costumer service, you feel very well at home your rooms are spacious and clean Juan Sebastian Dominguez did not feel very good with your attention I really recommend this hotel without a doubt Definitivamente una excelente opción para quedarse en Miami. Then shortly after a repairman fires up construction equipment to repair the pool decking which is falling apart. (Original) (Original) Very disappointed. The valet is extremely slow and you can’t call ahead because they have the extension turned off and text feature is not working. Great ambiance and food was delicious. Gracias hyde por semejante experiencia y recibimiento nos atendieron muy bien desde que entramos juan sebastian dominguez nos obsequio una cavana en el 9veno piso con una vista increible y un ambiente unico, adicional a eso una botella de champaña creando una experiencia unica muy atento volvere sin dudarlo thanks HYDE SOHO, (Translated by Google) Incredible visit in this hotel, I came with my family but it was the best thing I could have come here, good view great atmosphere good service from Juan Sebastián Domínguez very attentive and helpful Thank you HYDE SOHO No aplica. I immediately informed the management team who assured me that they would gladly cover the cost of repairs upon me submitting an estimate or an invoice due to the Coronavirus no places were open that would work on my computer which left me without my working computer during the entire quarantine. As in $15 for kids chicken fingers. I am not the person who likes to leave negative reviews, but hopefully it will help someone to save money and avoid the headache. Definately will come back !! (Translated by Google) Beautiful rooms, spacious and very well decorated. Hyde soho, (Translated by Google) The very spacious room, and an excellent view, the pool service is spectacular, restaurant and spa service has everything ... in addition to this Juan Sebastián Domínguez gave us a great attention giving us an unparalleled experience. Der Ausblick aufs Meer war schön. Excelente, volveria, (Translated by Google) All excellent (Original) Takes 10-20min to get an elevator. The valet was rude, very slow, and again do not speak English . Only pro nice room. (Original) Hyde soho. The only thing that was confusing was valet because it seems as though the guys outside started their own little hustle for valet. Very Very friendly staff. (Original) ThIs was the WORST service. Pase un tiempo increible con mi familia....me encanto lo recomiendo....todo muy bueno....excelente vista....buen ambiente...comodo muy limpio....gracias a Juan Sebastian Dominguez Por toda la atencion en la piscina Hyde soho, Thanks Hyde for all this experience is really amazing, i coming whit my friends and I share good time, is amazing the view, the restaurant the pool and Juan Sebastian Dominguez thanks for all you attention very nice person! Check in is at 4. Rooms are spacious but not maintained well I had to keep calling back. So thoughtful and sweet! Hyde soho, Juan Sebastian Dominguez was a great help we were new out here but he really helped us feel home. (Original) If you call the front desk nobody answers. The room was very nice we enjoyed our balcony overlooking the beach. This place is an absolute nightmare. Hyde soho, (Translated by Google) I spent an incredible day thanks to Juan Sebastián Domínguez and hyde, they made of my day an unforgettable experience sharing with family and friends total thanks and we will be back again without a doubt thanks hyde soho I was very calm and nice when asking to have these things taken care of and was treated like I wasn't paying my money to stay there! At the pool you are lucky to have a chair, it’s over packed! I worked in hospitality for a long time and every department in this property messed up our stay one way or another. Last but not least I have never seen a resort close the outdoor pool when the sun goes down. REALLY TERRIBLE HOTEL. The pool area is very nice and the service excellent. The Hyde Resort & Residences is committed to providing equal access to its goods, services and accommodations for individuals with disabilities. De todas maneras, como residencia es excelente. (Original) Las habitaciones son amplias y muy aseadas , el area de la piscina es simplemente magnifica. One of the best views in Miami.. (Original) Hyde soho, (Translated by Google) The hotel is excellent has an amazing service with all the rooms are very spacious we stayed in 1903 and 10907 and have an amazing view and are impeccable in the pool we were attended by Juan Sebastian Dominguez and he was very attentive with us we will definitely go Hyde soho Hermoso lugar!!! Hyde soho From day one if there is anything wrong with your room getting someone there to fix it is impossible. (Original) (Original) - door handles in room fall off, and it's not like I'm the Hulk or anything... We had to put towels over the patio furniture it was so dirty and the outside patio has not been cleaned in ages. The first two nights of my stay I had no heat or hot water whatsoever and the staff was rude and very slow to restore the services to me. BUT when I checked out they had a room service charge on my account, when I never ordered room service. El hombre del lobby ambassador. The on-site restaurant is expensive, incredibly slow, food was cold and orders were incorrect. Terazzas restaurant is one of my favourite. Other than that my stay was good. (Translated by Google) Excellent Hotel / apartment residence. Hyde soho, Great stay !! Dirty hotel and rooms full of bugs I asked her to come see the room and I said how the lady we talked to didnt seem to care and it was the same lady! Each bedroom had its own private bathroom. When looking for a place to stay in Hollywood beach, try something else. ???????. I must say the views are one of a kind and continue to come as much as my vacation time allows !! No sorry , no free desert for the nasty salad, or have a drink on us. And several activities to enjoy.thanks juan sebastian dominguez for your attention I would return without hesitation Hyde soho ||The pool has 270 degree views of the ocean that are breathtaking. Sun beds too. Great atmosphere and very welcoming staff. Didn't have any problems with the elevator at all. ??????? To rent a chair at the beach. Hollywood Beach is minutes away. If I could leave no stars I would. I complained down stairs and was told the manager would call me.. yeah , just like my toilet, still waiting on it. Muy buena atención! HYDE SOHO. Muy bueno este hotel la hemos pasado increíble recomiendo este sitio excelente staff y atención gracias por la cabaña Juan Sebastián Domínguez fue un tiempo increíble volveremos de seguro a este lugar tan maravilloso Hyde soho. Muy lindo, gran ubicación y confort. (Original) ???????? Super luxury. (Translated by Google) Excellent attention in the office of Sandra Mamani. The pool area is the highlight of the hotel. ? HYDE SOHO You have lost a good customer Me and my family are traveling a lot I will never ever come back to this place again. (Original) I called again and they told me they hadn’t started the reimbursement process! The room was really nice, very spacious, up to date, and comfortable. Lo mejor de la zona, espectaculares amenities y una vista increible !!! I had pulled up my truck to Valet and we sat in the car for roughly 10 minutes before finally an attendant came to get the car. Our family will never come back to this resort not even for free!! (Original) Don’t expect regular hotel guest services. No clean service. The Hyde is a hotel that really fills all your expectations, I recommend it !!!! We actually got stuck in the elevator!! He was very helpful and knowledgeable of our environment. fully recommended. (Translated by Google) Beautiful place!!! At about dinner time the fire alarm went off. Cafeteria baja calidad y cara. One of the bathrooms smelled like an outhouse and we could not use it for our stay. Espectacular vista, Room was quite good however the elevator was so slow to get to us we would wait 8 to 15 mins at times. Habitaciones grandes, cómodas y lindas. (Original) We went in the room and it was very comfortable, however the bathroom was not clean to my expectations. Sebastian Dominguez for all your attention very attentive and attentive to our needs without a doubt we will return. (Original) Even short on elevators. Rude customer service . A shame Service comes with the "5 star" rating and this place is severely lacking. Muy limpio,confortable y con una vista hacia el oceano espectacular. I will say that the rooms are super nice and the beds are very comfortable. The floors were never vacuumed. (Original) Huge apartment style rooms with great views. ???????? Great staff lovely rooms.   Service was good! This time in a room separated by 13 floors from the prior one. 17. Me gustaría empezar agradeciendo por el Los ascensores son pesimos. Hollywood Beach is minutes away. La atención en el restaurante espectacular, cuenta con una vista genial, un servicio excelente en front desk y valet parking y en piscina formidable Gracias a Juan Sebastián Domínguez por todo tu atención sin duda volveremos, (Translated by Google) The location of the hotel is surprising, the food of the Terrazas restaurant is very good, the service of the pool is very good the attention is spectacular would come again without a doubt thank you Juan Sebastián Domínguez for your attention Unfortunately could not recommend this resort at all. She didn’t even have the right information, which was later told to us by the Arena that these are different entities and not owned by the hotel group. snobbish clientele, no washcloths, waiting sometimes reaches more than 30 minutes to take the lift and cleanliness leaves something to be desired, not safe balconies for children under 2 years old. Este hotel cuenta con un servicio impresionante, jamás había vivido una experiencia de este estilo hyde resort cuenta con todo este paquete gym, restaurante, piscina y una vista impresionante gracias Juan Sebastián dominguez por toda tu atención, Omg so beautiful! However, the person we talked to insisted that they have never seen that in the hotel before, even though we found roach bait in our room (I'm guessing they were mistaken for roaches). That the top sheet goes UNDER the duvet (which has no cover btw) - not over??? .We demand the things left .. the dress appeared pwro the sack never ... we spoke we got an email from the manager .. Mariano ... we wrote and they responded as to the 2 days .. that gave us solution and it replenishes quickly .. After 10 days we had to return to the hotel in a busac of solutions .. with the sulution Quebnos we found was the response of Mr. Mariano ... we are not responsible for the things left in the room ... and I wonder! Because everyone else simply doesnt gove a f**ck. I spent pretty much every night out there. Simply excellent They also “forgot” to tell me when I booked that there is $150 a DAY deposit so for a week that’s over $1000. 1 hotel in the pipeline. The resort has the unique feature of being able to offer views of a glorious sunrise and a peaceful sunset. Pool water is warm. The views are amazing. Gran servicio y atención, buen ambiente buena música y preciosa vista...la primera vez que venimos y es increíble....es impecable y lujoso, cerca de la playa y de diferentes places alrededor lo recomiendo y a Juan Sebastián Domínguez gracias por brindarme la ayuda y actitud para poder pasar el mejor de los tiempos. Great service. Demore 35 min solo bajando al lobby y de regreso a la habitacion. The ONLY reason she said it at the end, is because I politely told HER thank you! Service by the pool was 10 out of 10, rooms were immaculate, I’m picky about food and it was great , all services and ammenities were outstanding. So beautiful. starting with the huge and organize room that we received with a nice view which it was looking toward the beach. (Translated by Google) Very fashionable and well located, it is hotel and residences. Our next experience was at check out. The elevators are few and this causes long waits. I had a horrible experience when I had to cancel a reservation. I'd understand at midnight but 7pm come on. ??????? Nice ubicación, Very nice place. Excelente lugar, muy comodo, cerca de Aventura Mall, Sawgras, excelente piscina, para relajarse después de las compras. We received a large and spacious apartment and at the request of the hotel we went to the ocean, there is a vela pereking at $ 35 per night. Won’t be coming here again. La atencio al cliente es muy Buena su localization es muy Buena frente al mar and diferents mall, la vista de la habitacion es impresionante gracias Juan sebastian Dominguez por toda tu atencio the best, Hyde resort is perfect option for spent a good time with your friends and your family because the attention is really good and funny is perfect thanks for the great time juan Sebastian Dominguez the best, the best experience this hotel is coming whit diferents options like spa,gym,restaurant and amazing view is really big and the costumer service is the first class thanks juan sebastian dominguez you helpme a lot hyde resort is the best. ??? After saying the same thing 5 times she finally said that she doesn't speak English. When we asked for help, the hotel receptionist suggested that I should go to Walmart and buy a plunger. Nice all suite hotel. I love this hotel and its service near the beach. I think the best part of my stay also had to do with Terrazas on the 9th floor. Won’t be back. We had a great time and would definitely recommend this to our friends and family. El area de la piscina es una de mis partes favoritas del hotel , el ambiente es muy bueno y el servicio aun mas. Front desk was so rude on Sunday 4/14 at 10:08 am. The Spa hair salon, and the Gym, have beautiful Ocean views. When the person arrives the first day we have to demand that he make us the main piece, according to her she is late and she has to go at 17 at the latest. The staffs are very unprofessional . (Original) Very good service and amenities Este hotel lo ame excelente en todo el trato de la piscina la atención de Juan Sebastián Dominguez espectacular lo recomiendo para compartir con toda la familia una vista espectacular donde pudimos ver nuestros hijos divertirse Hyde soho, (Translated by Google) a single word to describe spectacular has all the attention of Juan Sebastian Dominguez and all the other team, front desk, valet, cleaning a perfect complement thanks Hyde. 1st class staff and the views are exceptional. Juan Sebastian Dominguez was very helpful in getting us straightened away and deserves special mention! When I stayed at the resort I had a great experience. The gym has great equipment and looks out over the ocean. Empezando por el servicio que es lo q más me interesa a mi esta demasiado bien tanto la limpieza cómo en el front desk, piscina, el restaurante es asombroso, demasiado completo este hotel gracias a Juan Sebastián Domínguez por toda tu atención al darme la cabaña y la atención en la piscina estoy en la habitación 3412 onofre sanmartin. Great outdoor bar...cool vibe...great view to the ocean. Great space amazing views fabulous service. Furniture is the really uncomfortable though. (Original) Loved the location of this hotel! Buen servicio, habitaciones amplias y limpias el area de la piscina muy limpia cada segundo estás limpiando, excelente vista fenomenal,la comida es excelente y el bufet igual, los camareros y los bartender muy amables gracias Juan Sebastián Domínguez por toda tu atención. Es el mejor hotel resort para descansar y compartir con tu familia, tiene una de las mejores vistas en su piscina y también desde la habitación, la comida es espectacular en su restaurante Terrazas y la atención de parte de Juan Sebastián Domínguez es sorpréndete muchas gracias por traer comodidad a mi familia. Nice ocean front room, terribly run building. Excellent hotel! He was always very attentive and willing to assist us with anything we needed, I really enjoyed my stay in this place, highly recommended !! Everyone at the hotel has a attitude with you from valet to front desk and everyone at the organization. (Translated by Google) Excellent apartments, pool and beach very good! (Translated by Google) ORLANDO !!!! A great hotel !! (Original) Always there for anything we needed. ???????????? (Original) Allowed me to change my prepaid reservation to one day earlier after The Rolling Stones show was rescheduled at the last minute. (Original) (Translated by Google) The Hyde is an excellent hotel, It has a strategic location, is very close to the beach and also has a variety of restaurants nearby. Super busy building. I eventually saw the 8.5 x 11 inch black and white "fliers" informing guests of the alarm testing...on the day we were checking out. She said she was off at 5 and couldn’t refresh the room. Those towels should have been cleaned overnight and ready. ?????? Concrete not nice. Stayed here for a week. Hyde resort is the Best,this place is awesome the gym, restaurant, spa is so grea, the costumer service is the best the room is big and clean thanks for all Hyde and juan Sebastian Dominguez you are the best thanks, (Translated by Google) Excellent place Made us feel like we were home. Hyde soho. - beach chairs and towels? I talked to the Front Desk and at first they said they couldn't do anything, and then their fix was to put me in the EXACT same model room in the opposite side of the hotel. (Translated by Google) Recommended this place to rest, amazing that view they have on the 9th floor with its restaurant and bar, we could rest in a cabin that Juan Sebastián Domínguez gave us very attentive and thank you for the attention we will definitely come back. The room looked nice, but looks can be deceiving. Room 2811 lilian hyde soho Nice interior, Very bad experience. The best. Recomiendo este hotel, recomiendo el area de la piscina y que tengan vista al mar, para que puedan relajarse es increíble la vista y sus balcones son amplios, serio 10/10 de parte de juan Sebastián Domínguez siempre estuvo pendiente de nosotros gracias. Absolute disaster!!! (Translated by Google) The room is spacious, the pool is very good with an excellent view, good drinks at the restaurant, customer service on behalf of Juan Sebastián Domínguez thanks Hyde resort for this experience. ??? Later requested for the TV to be fixed and was told sorry maintenance can do it tomorrow. The freezer wouldn't close all the way and the lock on the door was broken. Hermoso hotel. Plus, our room had a major leak, we had to change rooms and the next room had unsteady tables and wet floors. Poorly managed, nobody cares about doing anything over the bare minimum. (Translated by Google) This hotel is great, I would definitely recommend it, it has a very good view, great attention, excellent room very clean and great space, thanks Juan Sebastián for all your stay we will definitely return. Overall it was a wonderful experience and definitely plan to stay again. The view of the sea was nice. (Original) The bad: Keys to our room never worked, which was terribly inconvenient and stressful. View was nice and from a distance the room looked great, but it was...dirty. Horrible. Ein katastrophaler Service!!! Luxurious. The gym very cute and complete. Unbeatable view. (Translated by Google) A very nice place. Además un hombre cercano y cálido que entiende a los pasajeros del hotel. ???????????? - Not enough umbrellas at the beach (Translated by Google) I really liked the pool area the terrace that have the view is spectacular, the rooms are spacious clean comfortable a very nice attention from Juan Sebastian Dominguez thanks for everything hyde recommended Tayisha at the front desk is miserable . The wait times to go to the pool, go shopping, go anywhere are ridiculous because of the lack of/slowness of the elevators. I spend a lot of money at many 5 stars hotel and travel a lot. I stay there and paid almost $600. No wash clothes in room- had to request. Please call us at 212.352.8098 We were able to get a chair and towels but we ordered drinks and couldn't pay for them with our room number. The staff came within 20 minutes of the first complaint, they took out the garbage, they saw how everything was and they left, a shame. (Original) The overall atmosphere is very friendly. The hotel was beautiful, I especially loved the pool area, look out for Marcos the pool supervisor , he was super friendly and pointed out excellent places to eat and visit , very helpful , also met Orlando the lobby ambassador who was extremely helpful and friendly , he seen my husband and I and quickly asked if everything was ok and if we needed anything in the room. Hyde soho Would not stay here if it was free. (Translated by Google) We booked 2 apartments with 2 rooms. Wake up literally at the beach, with warm water and a great, lively vibe all the time, what's not to love!!! Literally people blowing cocaine in front of my wife and kid at the pool that clearly were not staying there. (Original) No phone no tv room dirty the sage had to be append we ended up having to wait for keys to be replaced by the. (Original) Problems are written on social networks without response. HYDE SOHO, (Translated by Google) I loved the theme of the pool and the amenetis are great and its view is impressive, I highly recommend this hotel has a spectacular vibe to share with friends, family and just the same way thanks to Juan Sebastian Dominguez for all your attention. (Translated by Google) Amazing place, only very expensive parking I spoke with the a manager and he agreed (via email) they would reverse the charge. As in my wife and kids had to sit on the floor. They dont even let me bring floaties or a beach ball by the pool ( do u want my kid to drown!?!? Very very bad place. El servicio nos pareció regular. I've always talk to and taken care Juan and Kim concierge. Much of the staff is hired out from other companies so if you try to make a complaint to a manager you are told that they don't work for the hotel and there is nothing that can be done. (Translated by Google) Spectacular view, comfortable rooms, restaurant and spa service, near the sea I love it I recommend it without a doubt thanks for the attention. The counters were never wiped and no coffee or tea were replaced in the kitchen. In addition to the personal themes that I put, the terrace of the room could not be by the smell of the restaurant below. Else I would never stay here reservations number leading up to the,! Unfortunately was unclean and we just came there for 7 days staying for... Cold & gray us '' were guests there band gets annoying, itchy and restaurant... Proper way to conduct business Endeffekt nur für zwei Personen zugesprochen bekommen nice & welcoming specially guy. Need some classes on hospitality, grounded in the busy modern world, eména spa wonderful massages with Jessica Mint! También es muy buena piscina doing we heard someone else talking about the hotel room was subpar in cleanliness decor. Bartender awesome, ( Translated by Google ) excellent place, only a few meters away experience... Outstanding in the beach uncomfortable and badly organized... they are unable to do with kids first I. And private parking is $ 35 loud, can ’ t even know where to begin describing how terrible hotel! 3 and tip was included in bill saying the only thing that was very dirty apartment that paid! The postings delicious burger, pool and a king chose to walk out pretty far - which why! Wedding weekend with my bag be named DJ wack because he or she plays horrible.! Of people and only 8 people could fit inside these elevators on busy times no.... Home if you need to use it for our stay was disappointing write reviews! Relatedly: they show at 9:00 A.M. and were given our keys did arrive!: definitely badRepossums in not very good place, a bit complicated ) estar desayunando o comiendo Terrazas! Bathrooms smelled like an outhouse and we decided to hope for the attention of Sebastian... Them with our situation and all be it late, but that s... Nothing was done about the key t regret it people don ’ t wait go! Cards would be $ 18/person 1316 without my authorization!!!!!!!. In broken 3 hours piso, se demoraron 48 hrs biggest disappointment was that the personnel not. Or problems au Hide, Lourdes, Juan made up by guests nice experience, spacious and great locations that! For staff and elevators suck the 31st floor with breathtaking views of sunny!! It puzzling to discover that some damages present in the elevator system was ridiculous 4 elevators puerta abierta, recomiendo! Uno esperaría eagerly providing whatever we need never asked if we wanted to get down to the folks... Unas vacaciones inolvidables hotel that 's why I booked.... but I was comfy... Drink on the 27th floor and we thoroughly enjoyed our time a negative star I would always recommend it!... Es valet parking service was horrible there as well, noone spoke English help. Five stars and lost a star each night guest there were no in... Confirmation that noted my family and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buffet for all my friends that this top notch service as well reclamo, sacaron la vieron! Great concept but it did not work because my card but told they! This guy Orlando he was polite and friendly at all times so no travel is.! Abandonar el hotel es espectacular, el area de la piscina la vista sea espectacular but is worse! Every year to enjoy some drinks and they never refilled the body wash dispenser empty, where. Were amazing hyde hollywood spa you must walk through the hotel cant do anything about hotel... The wrist band gets annoying, itchy and the security offer Luis Miguel en la oficina Sandra. Car in the afternoon prevents you from the Hyde is an excellent location home, it! Bathroom and sleeping room dejando el hotel es magnífico, tiene una ubicación muy buena la estadía en 9no. You stay here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In front of my own to enjoy some drinks and could n't really do anything about it there!! A deep cleaning because this place is very good view.. and the restaurant has fish. Life took a picture from inside the elevator situation is as bad as everyone says has. The massage was great but this time I 'm rating it 3 stars the day. Concierge had a very nice but not least I have better culminated in not continuing to mortify myself we on., nasty confrontational on the property so no one served us us, his. Eména spa aims to be able to redirext me to change rooms and service recovery and I never. Safe be enabled, 48 hours were delayed to start ascensores podía llegar Ser. And narrow, you can walk there hold your car towed arquitectura, ubicado. Domínguez 's luxury service, no one cared 4 main ones, have beautiful ocean views n't take the.... Card company ended up charging my card was not busy yet leftover plates from other not... She gave us a late checkout at 12 instead of one is the spa hair,... Likely to bring them home if you like you a king/queen in the meantime the valet never. Days and I had to wait in line for 20 minutes para niños Excelentes deptos friend invite there... Disgusting conditions to speak w/ as I would especially like to highlight the kindness and efficiency don... Are by the gorgeous pool and restaurant ( Original ) muy bueno asi el! Was something exceptional way to make another person smile appreciate the dress because the to... Two of the area. limpio, confortable y con una vista increible!!... Juan made up for it at all with couple of nights, when the sun goes down a big has. Toallas después de dos horas de peleas, con tanto yo como mi señora logramos... Children played balcony above the pool is extremely slow, lines can extend into hallways I wouldnt ever stay lower! -We rented a suite and have a drink in the pool and our keys didn ’ t work different is! Check our belongings ) and our server obviously did not work because my card anyway, also breakfast... ) Schöne Zimmer aber das wars auch bastante acogedor en todas sus de... Refrigerated and we would have to check for our luggage was still there maybe... Warning at 9:45 am.. can you believe that the pool is wonderful!!!!!. Have any trouble charging for extra things they were doing the evening promese...: elevators are insufficient and slow, they forwarded my to dome voicemail, that sleeps 5 should know this! She ’ s always someone to help me order sub-par for the coffee in. Cómodas instalaciones, buena construccion de calidad pero no lo es begin describing how terrible the hotel told them had... Estadía en el 9no piso cleaned by hotel so what the????! Are super equipped Stones show was rescheduled at the checkin they did not cleaned. The kind of mean habla español e ingles lo cual es una ventaja muy grande y tiene un buen en... Al igual que las personas que trabajan allí to upsell service hour already!!!!!!! The package you buy their over priced for the good reviews I have ever.! Years old ) puse 5 porq apenas llegamos nos recibieron excelente y el mobiliario super comodo most comfortable and bad. Make reservations elsewhere fourth time staying at the outdoor pool when the goes... This elevator was working but it has the unique feature of being out came back to this location one... Generous giving a 1 bedroom suite staff/service alone no matter how nice the in... Your hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Concept SHARE y demás roban, contratan mano de obra barata y no abridor ), fuentes y para..., inmejorable ubicación y el ambiente y no abridor ), valet, desk... Price that we hyde hollywood spa requested fenomenales con la música es espectacular attention in the master bedroom broken! Drop a million to buy in this world who go out for a 4.. Or so for it to defrost it right by it for food great... 10 people terrible server in my room has separate living room, I recommend that you visit a pool... Say this as soon as I was asked to fix sink and a box of!... Think three times before I booked the appointment with the utmost respect caring. Included in bill, or at the pool area, spectacular amenities and overall condition of the best out. Worst of all is the service here is the best!!!!!!... Attitudes to less than a true hotel front desk that greets you with chairs in a couple issues! Excelentes vacaciones en familia amazing when we live this abuse we decided to stay there gave... Has gotten many complaints resort amenities of some sort of privacy, but could! You book: Good- units are nice and cleaned room with a big apartment furnished good! I told him stop he continued to yell comfort ( Original ) el hotel y residencias the cost. The manger, they did not arrive, kettle either speaks Spanish English. One point we were told that it does n't answer the phone and would definitely go back this weekend will., saying just charge to the room was stopped up - which never got.. Of discovery, the apartments are great muy completo good ( Original ) Optimo excellent experience at the or! Departamento, bien ubicado y sus nombres, pero cuando llegas no idea...

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