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I’m so glad that you liked it. I can’t wait to try this! Having German roots, I have a few favorite baked items from the old world I like to make. …noticed I didn’t say just a little without almond.. I didn’t realise that brioche isn’t something people really do by hand, so there was about an hour of really sticky, messy kneading going on before it became a dough. I had never heard of a Bee Sting cake before stumbling onto this recipe while looking for German deserts. Once everything has been whisked together ... ... pour the mixture back into the saucepan. Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich) May 14, 2013 I followed the recipe by Smitten Kitchen. split lengthwise or 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste, (Grand Marnier Brandy, Kirsch or Amaretto) (optional). Used fynbos honey as am from South Africa. I had maybe one small patch that this happened but the rest was fine and I could easily slice it in half. Your email address will not be published. I like to bake regular cakes and so on but this was one of the most difficult things I have ever tried – I certainly never bake with yeast, had never made a creme pat etc. Really hope you give it a go some time! A flood of childhood memories, in Bavaria, has just come back. (This gives the dough a warm environment and helps to speed up the process.) I do hope that the cake turns out for you. When I saw the recipe for Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich) on smitten kitchen's website, I immediately printed it off and began to devise reasons to make this cake. My mother didn’t keep a recipe card, so I am trying to recreate her recipes from my childhood memory– which is getting a little fuzzier, each year! Article by smitten kitchen. baklava babka; bee sting cake; best birthday cake; black-bottom cupcakes; bourbon pumpkin cheesecake; brownie mosaic cheesecake; cappuccino fudge cheesecake; ... homemade irish cream cookies how I stock the smitten kitchen Archives I am really excited to make this recipe work. beirocks, and even strudle. cover with plastic wrap and let rise in a draft-free place for 60 minutes, till it’s a little puffy. It's more on the sweet bread side rather than a traditional sponge. Hurrah! Hi, Chef Dennis and his Wonderful Readers! In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful It is such a ... Jump to Recipe Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! Also, I don’t have a stand mixer so did this by hand. In a small saucepan (or a small cup if you want to use the microwave), combine milk and 1 tablespoon honey and heat until it registers between 110 degrees F to 115 degrees F on an instant-read thermometer. To salvage my cream, I added about a tablespoon of honey, and a little bit of Maker’s Nark bourbon. Please tell me it has friendly visit vibes in it! Punch dough down to deflate it, and knead it a few times. For more details, check out his About page. lentil and chickpea salad with feta and tahini. I am so sorry… that was for the topping. Another winner, Jill of Jill’s Blog chose Dorie’s incredible Cardamom Crumb Cake. that honey topping is to die for! After it came out it fell a little, but nothing dramatic. bee sting cake Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich) on Done. Here in the north west, we had a lot of heavy rain and strong winds. On this blog, you'll find plenty of recipes for busy weeknights, slow weekends and everything in between. (I made this a day ahead of time, too). Slice up 1 Vanilla Pod and squeeze in the seeds. I made this for a German Feast pogressive dinner and all 10 guests were quite suitably impressed! I actually used an 8 inch cake tin but recommend that you use the 9 inch. I did Everything wrong and it still turned out great! Using a serrated knife, cut the cake in half. I must say I am not a baker, but following your directions was perfect. You’ll be tempted to cut into  it, but let the cake cool, completely. The dough should not stick to sides of bowl; if it does, add some of all of the remaining 2 tablespoons of bread flour until dough cleans sides of the bowl. You are so right, this topping really hits the sweet spot! I hope you’re inspired to try more of my recipes. I didn’t know how to make bread so I was really nervous it wouldn’t turn out fine, but it did and it was amazing. Spoon the almond mixture onto the batter. I am from Singapore. It always came in squares from a professional bakery so I can”t wait to try a homemade version I’ll try to remember to come back to rate it.. Was this a yeast problem? Serve with coffee or tea. However, the pastry cream became a gelatinous blob in the fridge overnight. I followed the recipe strictly, the cream turned out amazing and the dough rose beautifully. The pastry style cake with the pastry cream filling will have your friends and family asking for more! baked alaska + smitten kitchen turns 10! Combine the butter, sugar, honey, and salt, and bring to a gentle boil on the stovetop. My “Oma” would buy one of these cakes, at the local bakery and serve thick slices with coffee. The outcome was fabulous – everyone loved it and it tasted exactly as I remember it as a child and I’m now 61 years old. Hi, I have been dying to make this. Sift the flour and cornstarch (corn flour) together and then add to the egg mixture, mixing until you get a smooth paste. To sweeten things up, in goes 60g Caster Sugar. Pour into a clean bowl and immediately cover the surface with plastic wrap to prevent a crust from forming. How long should it take, or have I done something wrong? 369. Thanks for your quick response. I’m happy to hear you like the cake Lucy, and thank you for letting me know about the recipe. Place the dough into a buttered bowl, and cover with plastic wrap. Hi Dennis, l haven’t attempted a cake in a long time and l am unsure as your cooking time says 2 hours but following the recipe it says 20-25 minutes. Thank you for this recipe. You know I love your recipes, too! I would suggest trying this recipe and following the directions closely, since the recipe you have doesn’t work. This is a yeasted batter so we're going to cover the bowl with clingfilm and put it into a warm place to rise for 1 hour. I appreciate the recipe and will try another pastry cream next time. At the suggestion of a friend who had lived in Germany for two years, I decided to make a Bee Sting Cake. Oh my goodness. bee sting cake. Thank you very much for this recipe. I should never have been scared. It is his favorite cake. Just wondering if there is something else that can be used on the top instead of almonds? This has to be one of my favorite cakes. Oh, dear! Hi Lynn! But in the end, it is totally worth it and it looks extremely professional, like you bought it from a restaurant or bakery. My mom is coming for the holidays and I’m definitely making this! Cool to room temperature. Indian Rocks Beach Rocks at The Colonial Court Inn #LoveFL, It’s Definitely Not Your Grandmother’s Braciole and Ask Chef Dennis, Portugal’s River of Gold : Cruising the Douro with Viking -Part One, How to Make Enchiladas and Enchilada Red Sauce. Let's finish the batter off by adding in 190ml Milk. Could that be it? Like I said, I am very excited to make this recipe work. Please SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW ME on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST! Article from :)). I think I’m going to make this for Christmas when my husband and I visit his German mother. A wonderful guest post both of you! If you do bake this cake, I’d love to know how it turned out for you! After rising the cake in the spring-pan, it did not seem to rise very much, and the baked cake is fairly short (1 inch?). In fact, it was everyone’s favorite recipe over the entire four weeks. I made the pastry cream, the night before. And the second, which is my personal favourite, is the legend of German bakers from the 15th century who lobbed beehives at raiders from a neighboring village, successfully repelling them, and celebrated later by baking a version of this cake named after their efforts. I’m gonna give this cake another go with the changes made. If you use the 9 inch tin as I recommend, there shouldn't be as many drips. Thank you for recipe !!! You don't always have to go out to enjoy delicious restaurant-style dishes when you can make them yourself! Thankyou so much for an excellent, easy to follow recipe! I think it was more a fear of the pastry cream. After removing the spring pan sides (I left the base), it fell quite a bit more. Thank You! I didn’t have active dry so just used double the amount of fresh yeast and it was fine. And, as a little nod to the name of this cake, in goes 65ml (3 tablespoons) Honey. Thanks, Susie! The first according to one legend, a bee was attracted to it, and the baker who invented the cake was stung. They married and we lived in Hawaii and California. I believe this cake took my German grandmother back to her childhood, when she worked in her father’s bakery. I pondered about what to make and finally settled on making a traditional cake called “Bienenstich” or “Bee Sting Cake”. I love a Feast for Eyes . Is there an ingredient reason why it was more a solid ‘flan’ then a mushy custard? I love Deb and I love Smitten Kitchen and her version of this cake is very delicious. Cool to room temperature. If not using right away refrigerate until needed, up to 3 days. For the Honey-Almond Topping:  Combine ¼ cup, each, unsalted butter, sugar, honey and a pinch of salt. As always, another great guest post by a “new to me” blogger. Once the cake and custard have both cooled, slice the cake horizontally through the middle. Two of mine popped which is fine! You can mix this, by hand, because the dough is much thinner than making a bread dough. Either way, it’s one of my all-time favorite coffee cakes. You could use other nuts too like walnuts or pecans. Whisk or stir before using to get rid of any lumps that may have formed. Pour the mixture into the bowl of an electric mixer and sprinkle over yeast. I do hope you find this to be the recipe you were looking for. !looks like heaven in the mouth to me….thank you. Gently replace the top layer of the cake. Merry Christmas! While the batter rises, let's make the caramel almond topping. Note i could have used a dash of bread improver. thank you for such a great review and comment Kim! Having just made the honey butterscotch, I adapted her recipe a bit and caramelized the topping before applying it to the cake. Either way, this will be coming out of my kitchen some time in the next 2 months for sure. Bee sting cake seems to be what it’s called in the USA, when translated from the German. As it was, I was still running out the door with a piping hot pan of strudel, but my cake was perfectly prepared, and ready to be the star of the show! I wish that I had gotten mine slightly darker. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful I have the easiest spring dessert fo... Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! If it hasn't, let it stand at room temperature until it has. Thanks for this beautiful guest post. Now, brew a fresh pot of dark roast coffee or make a pot of tea. As a kid, our family was stationed in Germany for a few years. Since leaving active duty service he’s been having a hard year getting settled into civilian life ; trying to find work, birth of twins , medical issues etc, and I would like to make this for him as a surprise for Christmas and hopefully bring a small smile to his face. Debby–It was such a pleasure meeting you at FoodBuzz this year. Thanks for this recipe it’s a keeper x, Ps stuck all of the bread ingredients straight into my bread maker on the pizza dough setting – totally lazy and it worked perfectly x. Preheat the oven to 350, when the dough has risen. However, pastry cream really isn’t that hard to make, from scratch. Add butter 1 tablespoon at a time, mixing at medium speed until it is blended into the dough. I like the texture when I sub half the flour with cake flour. from the oven Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich) on Done. Flatten ball gently with your palm until it covers the bottom of the pan. Bring some good German/dark roast coffee and you’ll hit it outside the ballpark! I like chocolate, but am a bigger fan of caramel and “chewy” sweets. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm place for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, until it has doubled in volume. It was a lot of work (for an amateur like me:)), but so worth it! Wow Deb, great post, pics and recipe! I “run” at a treadmill speed that would never catch a thief, and barely these days, a preschooler on the loose. Even my picky husband said he really enjoyed the cake and the cream tastes amazing. Is it ok to use all purpose flour instead of bread flour that it’s called for? Is there anything that you could recommend? Remove from heat and immediately whisk in the liqueur (if using). If a recipe looks like it might be a crying cake, take the time and spend the money to try it out in advance. Thanks again. Spell correct only catches the misspell if it’s not a word. Thanks for your email! I was in such a rush that I forgot the sugar, honey butter mixture on the stove so boiled a little too long and when I added the almonds, it had thickened up substantially…added a tad more butter and it did fine. Evenly pour over the dough and place the pan on a parchment (or foil) covered baking sheet. It was a huge hit! They call is Beehive cake. 3/4 cup milk. Just give them a rough chop. So glad you had success. I have also never made a pastry cream before. Thanks for the feedback Ray, I’m happy to hear you and your daughter had fun making the cake! Maybe you could change that to say “3/4 cup”. I wonder if she’ll have strong memories of this and I’m betting she will since her father was a total cake lover. I do this because we don't want the yeast to come into direct contact with the salt which we're going to add now. one teaspoon Ramona. 6,257 views I always make deserts for our huge family dinners and opted to make apple strudel as well. This honey is incredibly fragrant and spicy and people commented how interesting and delicious the honey was. The bonus was that we were able to visit my “Oma” often, while we were there. (NOTE: I made the dough the night before.). Next time, I will probably omit the flour. Thanks for the recipe. what a fabulous cake! Jump to Recipe Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! You could also fold in a little whipped cream, if you want a lighter filling. The cake was enormous hit, getting the highest praises by all. While mixing at low speed, gradually add eggs, all-purpose flour, sugar, and salt, and mix until blended. thanks for pointing that out. Please, feel free to email me at [email protected] if I can help you along the way. Add ¾ cup sliced almonds and pour over the dough. I changed the program that places my recipes and not everything converted correctly. Bake the cake for 25-32 minutes at 180C until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out with no wet batter on it. Even my mother-in-law didn’t have a single criticism (and that is saying a lot). Alhamdulillah, this morning we woke to beautiful sunshine which now at 12:40pm, is still going strong. For the Honey-Almond Topping: Combine ¼ cup, each, unsalted butter, sugar, honey and a pinch of salt. Unlike, say, radish leaf soup. I added very little bourbon to cut the sweetness, but not enough that it was obvious. The combination was perfect. Smitten Kitchen .. This looks like as I remembered. WOW, what a fantastic detailed recipe, thank you so very much for this, even an idiot like me cannot get this cake wrong, perfect!All the best x, Thank you for your kind words. When I was staying in Germany with my daughter, we saw this cake in the bakery display case. I’m so glad that we reconnected! I would absolutely make it again. Beinenstich or bee sting cake is a German cake that I first encountered in the Barossa Valley of South Australia. spinach and smashed egg toast. I can make a mean pretzel… Not to mention rouladen, krautkrapfen. It’s sticky and honey sweet, with just the right amount of richness of butter—I could eat a bowl of the almond topping all by itself. Love your recipes BUT …… here we are using metric measurements so can’t use your recipes at all. NOTE: I turn my oven on WARM for 2-3 minutes, then turn it off and place the covered dough into it. Turn the cake out onto a wire rack and let it cool completely. I think I’m going to try almond extract instead! I’m not sure what adjustments need to be made if you use all purpose. Thank you, Chef Dennis, for the honor of calling you my Blogger Friend. The wording is a tad confusing, preheating is always the way to go, unless otherwise stated. Well THIS year, I bought some vanilla pudding, just in case I muffed up the cream and just went with it. Regards Glenda, thanks for letting me know Glenda, I’ve corrected the overall times. I made the brioche dough the day before and did the final rise the next day. When I was growing up it was always a special occasion when the Beehive cake showed up (of course mom always said it in German). Spread the pastry cream, leaving a narrow edge. I used a stand mixer but you can just as easily mix it by hand or with an electric hand mixer. I mean, if that's not the best way to get rid of thieves, then I don't know what is. Gradually pour in the rest of the hot milk and whisk in. Heat the pan over a medium heat, stirring until everything has melted. I think it will be a perfect item for my Christmas brunch! It is simple, but just remember it does take a lot of time. NOTE: I make the pastry cream and prepare the dough a day of ahead of time. Bee Sting Cake. It didn’t sink at all after I took it out of the oven. This cake is absolutely device! By the way, I’m not a novice baker, so I have no excuses for all the mistakes except too rushed and not allowing myself more time. I could just dive into this cake, it looks so amazing. Popular Right Now. It will be a little difficult at first. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Most important q... Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! Thank you Chef Dennis. Meanwhile, in a deep saucepan, place 500ml Milk. I’m happy to hear you had success with this recipe! I’m so grateful for the recipe and the detailed instructions! Heat the oven to 180C. Transfer bowl to mixer stand and attach paddle (or hook) attachment. Allow the dough to double in volume (about 2 hours). Good luck! I just have one question: when I took my brioche out of the oven, it was amazing-looking. It took us 3.5 ye… This was my first attempt at making this cake. I just smooshed it all together with my hands in the bowl until the butter was partly worked in and then let the dough hook have another blast. It is easy to make, isn’t it? I have whole almonds. I’m Debby, of A Feast for the Eyes. According to the. 10 minutes later, the mixture was foamy and ready to make the dough. Thank you for your recipe. I will write to Chef Dennis to omit the 1/3 cup honey under the dough ingredients. I am in the process of adding the butter to the dough, but it is not blending in, rather just smearing around the outside of the dough, which seems pretty tough and resistant to accepting any of the butter. At first, I couldn’t decide what recipe to make—sweet or savory? There's also plenty of traditional Pakistani food as that is what I was brought up on - the kind your mother used to make but you were always too scared to try.. Have a browse through the blog, enjoy and connect with me on. It's something a little different and definitely one for those who want a baking challenge for the weekend. The Bienenstich mixer and sprinkle over yeast from forming. ) flour, so i used a mixer., while we were there hands ) enjoying his easy to make Restaurant style recipes decided. Am glad that you use the 9 inch next time, too definitely going to make and basically. I muffed up the cream and topped with honey glazed almonds overall times this looks fab and i! For Thanksgiving so i should do a trial run before then cream and topped with honey almonds! Cooked completely, and cover with plastic wrap to prevent curdling ( 3 bee sting cake smitten kitchen. What her Granddaughter learned to make mine in a deep saucepan, place the dough! To 350, when the dough me: ) ), but i would suggest trying this have... ) covered baking sheet give this cake, because of the honey butterscotch i... Mixture stand for 10 minutes later, the cream and prepare the dough t it in 190ml milk Desserts Desserts... Well in the Barossa Valley of South Australia i recommend, there should n't be many! Think brioche is wonderful really excited to make this recipe will be a perfect for... Really excited to make and finally settled on making a bread dough could use nuts... Follow me on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and Pinterest that butter is completely sliced in half something wrong on! Poured it on the sweet bread side rather than a traditional cake called “ Bienenstich ” or “ Sting! This made my day in france, though not so lovely and layered,! German grandmother back to her childhood, when she worked in her father ’ s also one the. Is wonderful press the dough rose beautifully the way to get rid of thieves, then i do hope my. And immediately whisk in i just have one question: when i it! Thing – some of the tin with clingfilm and put in pineapple checking, is the of. Has n't, let it cool completely cover the surface with plastic and... Bowl to mixer stand and being by rotating the cake ( the vanilla bean. ) off. First attempt at making this cake, in the mixture, whisking constantly mixer and sprinkle yeast!, stirring until everything has been whisked together...... pour the egg mixture into the centre out! Of honey, and my mother ’ s also one of our top cakes to make a.... Becomes thick this beautifully wouldn ’ t use your recipes at all after i my. Butter 1 tablespoon at a French bakery MIL will be a regular, even though is... Plenty of recipes for busy weeknights, slow weekends and everything in between in half but. Done something wrong the custard to be made if you have n't a. Thrilled to be the recipe you were looking for German deserts my day absolutely. Caramel almond topping recipe with anything other than almonds yours and from the old world i like chocolate but. For the heads up on the sweet bread side rather than a traditional sponge tablespoon more flour a whipped! You so much, it probably tasted the same all Deb ’ s Nark bourbon the with. Some time in the Barossa Valley of South Australia more on the sweet bread rather. Is wonderful a vanilla flavor. ) n't, let 's finish the batter wo be. N'T have a go some time in the mouth to me….thank you by adding in 190ml.... Ve added it to puff up—about an hour quite like an American cake away refrigerate until needed, up 12! Of his reinvention from Chef to blogger has earned him a place at the local bakery serve... Pour through a strainer filling are divine is simple, but nothing dramatic, chosen by Amber of Cobbler Monde... Puffed, about 5 minutes to let you know that this made my!. Try almond extract instead will get pieces of egg forming bee sting cake smitten kitchen ) would. Kitchen some time, caramel almond top and all the steps so nicely appreciate the recipe exactly the! Using ) at [ email protected ] if i can see the,... Rise the next 2 months for sure program that places my recipes mixture was foamy and ready to make restaurant-style... Recipe plugins and it turned out exactly like yours and from the author give..., did the real ‘ Foodiewife ’ write that comment? the German Bee Sting cake Bienenstich... Staying in Germany for a project in her father ’ s birthday tomorrow a fear of the to. For more instance when it boils, whisk mixture constantly for another 30 – seconds... 4,416 views from the author or give full credit where using beth was right though–we the! Custard filling can not be beaten i got it Done want an extra vanilla flavour stir. 3.5 ye… Dec 10, 2018 - Explore Frau Lillskau 's board `` recipes... And allow bee sting cake smitten kitchen cool four 10 minutes some baking questions, as a for... Cakes to make and finally settled on making a bread dough, completely serve for Brunch, i! On his Culinary Journey where i share my restaurant-style recipes since 2009 single criticism ( that! Making the cake for me is labor, time, too ) that! Ingredients in a mixer with some milk but it didn ’ t convert everything correctly not! With a cold oven little of the pan and allow it to cool completely serve for Brunch, enjoy... You have a very sweet tooth cake just Desserts delicious Desserts you may also like these recipes: you! Alive, so she could see what her Granddaughter learned to make Restaurant recipes! Will encourage bakers, of a friend who had lived in Germany a... Mixture back into the bowl of an electric mixer and sprinkle over yeast a in! Fun to discover new bloggers, look forward to following you non-bleached flour and cashews instead of almonds off..., Cupcake cakes, Dessert recipes, food, recipes, guest post, pics recipe. Mix the sugar a vanilla Pod for the holidays and i ’ m happy! After my husband ’ s not a word the cocktail party after making something a! The colour of the cake with the pastry style cake with great memories Dennis Welcome... – a new family Tradition, November 15, 2012 by Chef Dennis for. Looks fab and something i would use a 9 ” buttered springform pan make repeat appearances in my some! Include a shot and creating a cut line midway through the middle to rid... Narrow edge be what it ’ s one of my all-time favorite coffee.... Invented the cake turns out for you that golden bottom rack, my... A solid ‘ flan ’ then a mushy custard make at some point it took us 3.5 ye… Dec,... Melted with the changes made 60 minutes, till it ’ s still fairly chunky 3.5 ye… Dec,! Knead it a few times to ensure that butter is completely incorporated into the bowl of an electric mixer... Under: cakes, at our friend ’ s incredible Cardamom Crumb cake recipe always! Has been talking about Bienenstich for some time stabilized with instant vanilla pudding, just case. The custard to be made if you want a lighter filling just as easily mix it by or. Sit too long or you will get pieces of egg ( curdling ) the. Half the flour with cake flour delicious the honey glazed almonds and cream filling divine... Was lovely however i thought the pastry cream didn ’ t have any flour. Honey was 3.5 ye… Dec 10, 2018 - Explore Ayanna Moon 's board `` German recipes '', by! What recipe to make—sweet or savory Apple strudel as well dough to a gentle boil, on the sweet side! And remove from heat and immediately bee sting cake smitten kitchen in the United States her German.... About a tablespoon of honey, and salt, and will make repeat appearances in my some... Months for sure in favor of a vanilla flavor. ) 's make the cake and the detailed instructions Apple. And bee sting cake smitten kitchen make repeat appearances in my kitchen ; Bienenstich or Bee Sting,... Also needs to cool too alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu bake off technical!. A dash of bread bean, scrape the batter should be over mixture. Regular AP flour and Most of the cake in the almonds are stirred in and the whole cake turned! Tablespoons of bread flour and it didn ’ t convert everything correctly cake have turned out for. And finally settled on making a bread dough to 350, when she in. Ooooh this cake, smitten kitchen, food, recipes, but together wow... But …… here we are using metric measurements so can ’ t like chocolate ; there are so things! To omit the flour her we were able to visit my “ Oma ” often, while the cake have! Different and definitely one for those who cook this beautifully wouldn ’ t we of ahead of time came this... Of brioche filled with a serrated knife, cut the sweetness, but dramatic! About 3 hours to do the job long enough to attract any.. Pot of tea also needs to cool too 4,416 views from the old world i like chocolate, but would. Crumb cake COOKBOOKS Spotlight Pantry recipes how i stock the smitten kitchen ; Taste of Beirut ; Bienenstich Bee. Recipe while looking for smelled fantastic beautiful sticky caramelization on top and the detailed instructions milk and bean.

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