Pilot and Feasibility Funds

We are pleased to announce that applications for the HWRN Pilot and Feasibility Program are being accepted until February 15, 2023 (midnight).

The goal of the Pilot & Feasibility Program is to advance the research agenda of the HWRN by funding small pilot projects that foster the development of significant and innovative research by members of the Network and their collaborators.

The HWRN’s Pilot & Feasibility program will provide funding (direct costs only) for 1- or 2-year pilot research projects. Applicants may apply for either one year (up to $35,000) or two years of funding (up to $25,000/year, for a total of $50,000).

Members and Associate Members are eligible to apply for pilot & feasibility funds.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member, please send your resume or CV to hwrn@umassmed.edu for approval.

HWRN Pilot and Feasibility Program Application (pdf)